Improving Quality of Life

Jereme Richardson started 50+Fitness to improve the lives of people over fifty through promoting health through fitness. Seeing the quantifiable change and life improvement that happens with his clients is what excites Jereme most. He has seen dozens of his clients find success through his trainings.

Are you wanting to make some changes with your fitness, but have no idea where to start? Are you wanting exercises to do that are safe for someone at your level and your age as well as bring proven results? Injury as a result of a workout is a real thing. Jereme has spent years specializing in fitness training that is both effective and safe.

Jereme has a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science as well as possessing the following certifications and Endorsements:

  • ACE
  • NASM
  • NCSF
  • NASM and NCCPT Senior Fitness Specialist

About the Gym

Located in the heart of Nampa, 50+Fitness is a gym dedicated to giving seniors a private, expert, and tailored training session. Because of the Covid virus, Jereme also does fitness training through video conferencing so you can get instruction from the comfort of your own home and stay safe.

Schedule a Consultation208-546-7001
Located at:314 12th Ave S. Nampa, ID 83651
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